Recipe: Fried tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried tofu



  1. Heat the oil in a wok, pour the onion and ginger into the sautéed sauté, stir the sautéed tofu, and add some oil according to the condition of the pot to prevent the pot.

  2. Pour the soy sauce and stir fry

  3. Pour a lot of hot water, the water has to be boiled and simmered.

  4. After boiling, the fire is smaller, while cooking, stir fry with a shovel

  5. Stir-fry until the water and Ma Tofu are fully integrated.

  6. Pour a little oil into the clean pot, pour the dried red pepper into the fried scent and turn off the heat. Pour the pepper and oil together on the fried mahogany tofu.


1, hot water must be added, long time boiled, fried will be delicious. 2, when fried tofu, you can also add yellow sauce, green beans, green peony, snow simmer and so on.

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