Recipe: Fried three-filament

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried three-filament


Eat a lot of big fish and big meat? It is also time to eat some light green vegetables to adjust the stomach. I like to cook cold dishes, but Guangzhou is the coldest season during the Spring Festival every year. There is no heating in the house. It can't reach 20 degrees when the electric heater is turned on. So at this time, you can only eat casseroles and hot dishes. The cold dishes are ten thousand. I dare not eat. I used to use potatoes, carrots and kelp to make cold salad. It was very refreshing. This time, because of the cold weather, it was fried hot, sour and spicy, and it was crisp and refreshing.



  1. Wipe the potatoes and carrots separately, rinse them with cold water, drain the water

  2. Boil water, water, add a few drops of white vinegar, pour into the kelp and cook for 5 minutes, remove, properly cut short, over cold water, garlic chopped spare

  3. Fill the wok with oil. When it is hot, add half of the garlic and sauté. Pour in the kelp, potato and carrot and stir fry. Put a spoonful of white vinegar, then add the salt. Into the remaining garlic, add the appropriate amount of chili oil, stir fry evenly to the pan


1. When the kelp is boiled, a few drops of vinegar in the water can effectively remove the mucus on the kelp; 2. When frying three wires, first pour some rice vinegar into the pan to keep the potato silk crisp; 3. Put the remaining half of the garlic in the pan, so that you can have a thicker garlic.

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