Recipe: Fried three bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried three bamboo shoots


Today's three kinds of ingredients, asparagus, corn shoots, carrots (Gan bamboo shoots), although the name has the word "bamboo", but it is not a real shoot. According to the usual habits, we usually only call the bamboo in childhood as a bamboo shoot. It can be seen that it is not reliable to follow the word. When you go to the restaurant to order, don't be confused by the fancy name of the dish. Be sure to ask the ingredients and then use the silver.



  1. . Cut the corn shoots into two pieces; the asparagus is boiled with boiling water, oxalic acid, and then cut into pieces; peeled slices of carrots

  2. Hot pot of cold oil, put carrots, asparagus, corn shoots in turn, stir fry for two or three minutes, add salt to cook


I only have canned corn shoots, and which classmates know where to buy fresh, give pointers.

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