Recipe: Fried Taiwan grass shrimp>3<

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Taiwan grass shrimp>3<


Stir-fried Taiwanese grass shrimp, remember to forget it><.



  1. Pour the oil into the pan, put a little more properly, put 2 green onions (use 2, and 2 when the pan is used)

  2. Put shrimp, stir-fry, and put a spoonful of salt

  3. After the shrimps are red, put the yellow wine (do not put a little more = w=), pour a bowl of cold water, cover the lid

  4. From time to time, the lid is opened to stir fry the shrimp.

  5. After the water is almost dried, put the 2 green onions left before, stir fry the pot~


1. In order to taste, the salt can be put more than usual when cooking. 2. It’s okay to have more rice wine, it’s okay, and it will evaporate during cooking. 3. Add cold water to the water, a small bowl is enough.

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