Recipe: Fried sweet potato leaves

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sweet potato leaves


Introduced by the market selling aunts, sweet potato leaves have a very good effect, in line with the principle of good health, and its leaves are soft and tender, summer fried sweet potato leaves have become the darling of our table...



  1. The sweet potato leaves are picked into small pieces and washed for use. Garlic slices spare!

  2. Pour the right amount of oil into the pot and heat it to 80%. Add a few fry in the garlic, stir the fire, pour the sweet potato leaves, and stir fry the hot pot!

  3. Add 1 teaspoon of salt to the pot, a small amount of chicken essence, stir fry a few times to cook!


Sweet potato leaves need to be fried with fire, in order to keep the leaves green and delicious!

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