Recipe: Fried super spiced pork belly

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried super spiced pork belly


This is my first recipe. Why courage to write this recipe may be unexpectedly delicious! Hahahahahaha! Delicious, perhaps by chance, please be cautious to imitate whether it is self-sufficient hahahahaha



  1. Pork belly peeled, cut into small finger thickness

  2. Put the sliced ​​ginger, garlic and all other seasonings into the flesh, kill the chicken and grab it, and pack it in a sealed box for one night (not frozen).

  3. Blow it! Look at the color and get deeper, and get it! Boil it again! (Think of the sinful game of flooding ants when I was young... I was still small at the time... I’m sorry for the little animals that have been hurt by me...)

  4. Finally, suck on the oil-absorbing paper, mix with lettuce, no other seasonings, come to the bowl of rice, open to eat!

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