Recipe: Fried stuffed tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried stuffed tofu


Simple small dish - fried stuffed tofu



  1. Wash the tofu, cut into pieces of uniform size, the block is too small, so as not to easily stuff the stuffing

  2. Carrots are washed and peeled and minced; mushrooms are also minced, can be boiled in advance and then chopped.

  3. Put the meat in the container, add the end of mushrooms, carrots, salt, cooking wine, pepper, seafood sauce, starch, stir evenly into the filling

  4. At this time, the middle part of the tofu block is hollowed out, and a little starch can be used.

  5. Fill the tofu with the prepared stuffing, and don't have to put too much, so the tofu is finished.

  6. Pour a little oil into the pan and heat it. Add the tofu cubes in turn. The side with the meat filling is facing down. After frying until the color is lighted, turn the noodles. After the tofu is fried to golden, take it out and put it on the plate. Add oil to the oil, add a little sugar, clear water after the scent comes out, and finally smash the water with the starch, and pour the juice onto the tofu. If you don't like fried, you can change it to steam, then use the original soup to thicken it. There is also a way to first stir the seasoning in the wok, add the right amount of water to boil, then put in the tofu block and slowly use a small fire. It’s ok to burn it.


Do not put too much meat in this stuffed tofu, too much stuffing will not be good, a little bit of embellishment is the best taste, so all the fillings do not have to prepare too much.

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