Recipe: Fried stir fry

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried stir fry



  1. In the clear water, remove the sludge, peel and wash the cut vertical strips.

  2. Garlic chopped, scallion and onion leaves should be spared separately, pepper cut into small pieces

  3. Boil the pot and put the clams in the clams for one minute, then drain the water with cold water.

  4. Hot oil, fragrant garlic and scallions, served with stir-fried

  5. Add a little braised soy sauce and stir fry until evenly colored

  6. Finally add salt and shallots, stir-fry the red pepper and evenly serve.

  7. This dish does not need to put too much condiment, which can make the taste of the clam itself more prominent.

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