Recipe: Fried steamed buns

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried steamed buns


This is a must for the house. Supermarkets buy bags of steamed bread. As long as there are roots and onions in the house, you can have oily and crispy food. A bowl of rice can be used to solve a meal. If you are busy, take a laver soup and eat it comfortably.



  1. When the oil is hot, put the chopped green onion

  2. Half a medium-sized tomato cut into small pieces and stir-fried for 2 minutes.

  3. Put the chopped taro, fry until the corners are crisp, put the salted chicken, and pan


Put a little more oil, put it into the heat when it is 80%, it will feel a little fried, and the corner will be brittle. Quickly stir fry when you are in the pan, otherwise there will be a few pieces of taro immersed in oil, most of which are not oily. No oil is easy to burn off. Tomatoes can not

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