Recipe: Fried steak summary

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried steak summary


Frying steaks saves time and convenience.



  1. Buy beef for steak 1. Beef tenderloin (also known as beef tenderloin) is tender, low-fat - mignon steak 2. West cold (also known as beef ridge) with ribs, fat - chilled steak, sirloin steak. 3. Eyes, high in fat, marbled snowflake.

  2. Pretreatment 1. Scrape the beef tendon, cut the corresponding thickness of about 3cm, wash off the surface of the blood, drain / use the kitchen paper to absorb the surface moisture for use. 2. Store, use small storage bags, each piece of meat is individually packaged in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. 3. When you want to eat, put the frozen meat in the crisper with the drain rack in advance and slowly thaw it in the cold room, then take it out and put it at room temperature until it is close to normal temperature.

  3. Marinated 1. Use sea salt (because of large particles, taste with jumping) / fine salt, freshly ground black pepper (do not put too much, if it is too much coking), evenly spread on the surface of the meat, press it by hand, The meat grinder is rolled twice, so that the meat is loosened and the sauce is better melted into the meat. 2. Brush olive oil (with refined olive oil, the first fried olive oil is not suitable for heating) 3. Marinate for more than half an hour

  4. Fry 1. The fire will preheat the flat bottom non-stick pan, burn until smoke (can be observed by dropping two drops of water, until the water is completely evaporated) 2. Put the side of the marinated beef directly into the pot, do not move in the pot at first. The position of the meat (easy to paste), turn to a small fire, observe the color of the middle layer of the meat and the surface of the coking, then flip the sides of the meat, do not flip frequently. 3. Turn off the fire, and the soup that is precipitated when the meat is fried can be used as a sauce material.

  5. Wake up the meat 1. Drain the fried beef onto the hollowed out bracket, and put the tray on the bottom to let the juice on the surface flow clean (the coking layer is affected when the plate is loaded).


1. Before the marinated steak is on the pan, feel the oil is not enough to brush it, or put some butter in the pot after the pot. 2. Sauce can be made according to personal taste, not explained here.

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