Recipe: Fried steak is not old (no oven required)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried steak is not old (no oven required)


Friends who teach me fried steaks will not be old tricks. It is said that the steaks of many high-end restaurants in foreigners are treated like this. This trick is very simple, although it needs to be prepared in advance, but it does not delay time. This is the legendary low-temperature cooking ~~ I don't know if there are any kitchen friends who have seen cctv's kitchen king, and many of the chefs use low-temperature machines to cook meat. This is our family's self-made simple low-temperature cooking method. . I found that there are many children's shoes and the steaks will be thinner, and the time can be reduced accordingly. My recipe is recommended for steaks with a thickness of 2cm or more. The wise chefs propose to use a yogurt machine to keep the temperature. ~ Kitchen cookers with ovens can skip the various cumbersome steps below and use the oven thermostat directly



  1. Steak the steak with a knife back, then use a vegetable oil or peanut oil or grape seed oil (not olive oil because the olive oil can not be heated) evenly apply a layer, then sprinkle with black pepper (now ground, anyway, the higher the more fragrant, we I understand that the smear is said to be evenly heated for the steak. This other recipe has mentioned that I did it.

  2. Then put it into the fresh-keeping bag and let it soak for about half an hour to an hour with warm water of about 60 degrees (45-85 degrees). This is the focus of the focus! ! Ps: This was written 40 degrees ago and found that most of the children's shoes were not familiar, so I investigated it on the Internet. The temperature of the low-temperature cooking is between 45-85 pps: the water will be in the storage bag, and the steak will bleed. Water, the steak should be dried with kitchen paper before it is fried.

  3. The dish is cooked and salted. This is very simple. I will cook it with beef, which is more fragrant. It can also be boiled, then simmered with butter and mixed with ps: It is best to use butter or butter. Natural animal fats contain unsaturated fatty acids, although they are high in calories but very nutritious and healthy. Another is margarine, which is cheap but contains trans fatty acids that affect cardiovascular health and try to eat as little as possible.

  4. The steak is taken out of the warm water (in fact it is already cooked) and a lot of gravy ~ put the butter onion in the frying pan and fry it slightly to the surface. Children's shoes that don't like onions can omit onions, and the taste is not enough to make up salt and black pepper.

  5. Finally, the plate is also a way to keep the steak tender and retain the gravy. The plate must be hot.


The key to this embarrassment is the water temperature. My method is to open a small fire and keep warm. The way I try the water temperature is to put the hand in and feel warm and not hot, that is, hotspots than body temperature. This must be warm water, I try to overheat a little steak and it is old! ! Although this time is slightly longer, the steak has matured at least 5 after being suffocated. In fact, 5 is the best, because we will also fry, I generally eat 7 mature, afraid of life will be a little longer than water. And the steak is evenly heated in warm water, and it has been marinated for a long time, killing two birds with one stone. We can do side dishes or do other things while waiting, so don't delay time. The steak can't be fried in the pan for a long time. If the steak is not cooked enough, it needs to be soaked in warm water for a little longer than in the pan. Every time I put a little red wine while frying the steak, the red wine onion steak is a perfect match! After the salt is to be sprinkled, it is said that the salt will make the water loss of the steak. We can also fry the yellow with salt. Ps If you have an oven shoe, you don't have to worry about it. The burdock is baked in the oven with a low temperature of about 160F for 1 hour. It is perfect~~ can also force bleeding water without meat 腥~

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