Recipe: Fried steak

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried steak


Back to the heavens of more than twenty degrees, I began to want to eat meat!



  1. The pot has to be hot, especially hot

  2. Spread the salt, pepper and a small amount of oil on both sides of the beef. (Please put more salt! People say that the salt from the fried beef is a little more when you think it is enough)

  3. If the pot is hot enough, the pot will have a 'beep' sound, turn to medium heat, don't rush, turn around for a minute or so, turn over, then turn it over in a minute, fry on both sides, six or seven times. There are seven matures, just fine!

  4. Don’t rush to the steak that has just been baked, put it in for two or three minutes, so that the juice will fully enter the meat.

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