Recipe: Fried squid with spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried squid with spinach


Parents' favorite. Chaozhou's practice is often that the dish is fried and placed underneath, and then the meat is fried on the dish. When the meat is quickly fried, filter out the vegetable juice and pour it into the meat for a while, so that the taste of the two ingredients can be better blended. When marinating meat, it has been brackish, so you can no longer add fish sauce or salt when you fry, or just add a little. A little bit of powder is enough! ! ! Don't go down! ! Just to make the meat more tender and smooth like the tender meat powder, don't go too far! !



  1. Wash the cut squid, add a spoonful of fish sauce and a teaspoon (a teaspoon!!! Not a spoon!!) Mix the raw powder and marinate for 5 minutes.

  2. Peel the diced garlic, stir fry until the coke, and stir the spinach to soft body. On the plate.

  3. Wash the wok and dry it in the fire until there is no water vapor in the pot.

  4. Pour a little oil, pour in the marinated squid, stir fry until the squid rolls up, pour in the vegetable juice that has just been fried in the spinach (you don't have to cook it again), continue to stir fry for a while and turn off the heat. Put the fried squid together with the fried squid juice on the fried vegetables.

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