Recipe: Fried squid with fragrant zucchini and buckwheat rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried squid with fragrant zucchini and buckwheat rice


This is a regular lunch. During the fitness period, you need low-fat and high-protein. The younger son is one and a half years old. He has passed the age of being able to use the finished food supplement... In addition to the rice to be prepared in advance, the remaining quarter of an hour can not be used. I don't know how to cook well, and I can guarantee a balanced diet. Instead of spending time on giving your child a bite to eat, it’s better to play with them.



  1. The amount of rice and buckwheat is usually steamed rice, and the rice cooker is normally steamed.

  2. Heat a little olive oil in a pan, put the squid chunks face down, turn to a small heat and slowly fry, carefully turn the noodles in the middle (the squid is brittle), sprinkle the amount of pepper and salt (the child does not need to add seasoning) ).

  3. Cut zucchini into small pieces, squirt a little olive oil in a small pan, stir fry the zucchini for three minutes, add persillade and a little salt and turn it over.

  4. Wobble plate. The child's share is poked with a complementary food stamp...À table~


Too simple, you don't need a step chart... Persillade is a French condiment, mainly ground and dried parsley and garlic. I have carrot grains in it, no salt. It is a bit like instant noodles. package…

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