Recipe: Fried squid rings

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried squid rings


Every time the family dinner, the possibility of this dish being clicked is great, especially the children love to eat more...



  1. The squid goes to the head (other use) and the internal organs are washed. Do not cut the tube, tear off the black surface, and cut into uniform squid rings.

  2. Add a small amount of salt, pepper and ginger powder for 15 minutes; beat the eggs, dip the marinated squid rings with dry starch, drag the egg mixture, and roll the bread flour

  3. Heat the oil pan to 70% heat, put it into the squid ring and fry until golden, take it out, use the kitchen paper to suck off the surface oil and put it on the plate, dipping sauce...


Dipping sauce can choose your favorite flavors, such as sweet and sour sauce, Thousand Island sauce. I use the original yogurt and Kraft to spread the cheese-made dipping sauce. The taste is light and not greasy.

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