Recipe: Fried squid balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried squid balls


It’s fried squid balls ( ́▽`)/ 蘸Ketchup or sprinkle some 孜 辣椒 辣椒 之 ( ́▽`) / It’s okay to be idle or to be hungry at three o’clock in the afternoon or to be too lazy to eat something that is sensual ( ́▽`)/ Then come to a super convenient ♪ヽ( ́▽`)/



  1. Cuttlefish balls boiled with water and salt

  2. It’s okay to remove it and let it cut into half and half.

  3. Put it on the kitchen paper and press to remove a part of the water.

  4. Put the pan oil on the pan and then put it into the fish balls and fry until you like it. ( ́▽`)/

  5. Finally, sprinkle with cumin peppers ( ́▽`) /rOr 蘸 tomato sauce ❤rIn fact, you can eat it directly, but you may need to add some salt.


I like the kind of fried focus.

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