Recipe: Fried squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried squid


This snack is always eaten when I was a child, because the relatives and friends around me have a Chinese eucalyptus tree, and every spring, they will drop some early adopters. My parents like to make incense and eat, I like to eat with fragrant fried squid. The fried squid is made from tender and tender bud buds and fried and fried. The shape that was blown out was like a fish, so it was named "fried squid". Nowadays, farmhouses in many tourist places will often do it, and it is a reservation.



  1. Buying fragrant picks is fresh and tender, short buy is better

  2. The purchased citron should be eaten as soon as possible and cleaned in clean water.

  3. Remove the roots. If the citron is slightly longer, you can cut it off. If you have a small tree, you can omit it.

  4. Boil the water, put the toon that has gone to the roots and put it in boiling water for 1 minute.

  5. Hit a whole egg to break up

  6. Put in the flour, I did not weigh the flour, add it according to the amount I want, how much is the amount of the final paste. I estimate about 100 grams myself. Slowly mix the appropriate amount of water and stir into a thick batter. Can be hung on the toon, not too thin, too thin to hang on the pulp

  7. The batter is sprinkled with the right amount of salt to taste. Put the hot 椿 椿 椿 in batches into the batter

  8. Take a small citron

  9. Pour the right amount of oil into the pot. When it is about 50% hot, it can be fried. After it is launched, it will be slightly yellowish. It can be sprinkled with the favorite salt and pepper to increase the flavor. It is recommended to eat hot and taste better.


It is extremely important to have a link in the production process of the toon. Just wash the water before cooking a variety of dishes. Because citron contains more nitrite and nitrate, what is nitrite? Nitrite is a chemical substance that is highly toxic at high doses and is carcinogenic for long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out drowning before cooking. In 100 degree hot water, it can effectively remove nitrite and nitrate in 1 minute. No matter what cooking, such as fragrant scrambled eggs, fragrant omelettes, fried squid, you need to do the scalding before. The second is that the citron will be eaten with the purchase. The longer the storage time, the more nitrite and nitrate will increase. If you want to store the toon, you can buy the scent and wash it. Drain it, drain it, put it in a fresh-keeping bag and store it in the freezer. Take it out before eating. You can enjoy the deliciousness and nutrition of the citron in order to enjoy it. The two most important points are summarized as follows: 1. If you want to buy something tender, you have to buy it now. 2. Do all the cooking dishes in advance.

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