Recipe: Fried Sprouts (Northeast Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Sprouts (Northeast Edition)


Simple and quick to eat, lazy dishes in minutes to get...



  1. Prepare the ingredients, heat the bean sprouts, chopped green onion, minced garlic, small red peppers (do not eat spicy, you can not put), together with the pot, the bean sprouts love water, so the fire stirs up...

  2. Then pour in the 13 fragrant, soy sauce, oyster sauce, a little salt and vinegar, continue to stir the fire quickly, wait for the bean sprouts to soften slightly, sprinkle the chicken, stir fry!


Northeast likes to eat more garlic sprouts, every time I fry, I will put more garlic, parents can make according to their own taste, like to eat sour, pro can also add more vinegar... ^_^

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