Recipe: Fried spring fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried spring fish


Many spring fish are deep-sea fish, which are common in Japanese cuisine. Tianfulu and grilled spring fish are Japanese dishes that we are familiar with. The fish abdomen usually has a lot of caviar, hence the name of the spring fish;



  1. After the spring fish is washed, it is marinated in high-alcohol for half an hour.

  2. Dissolve the eggs in a large bowl, pour the beer, salt, mix well, then slowly sieve into the dry starch, while stirring, while stirring, until the batter sticks to the chopsticks, it can flow slowly in a straight line.

  3. Remove the spring fish from the spring fish with a towel, put it into the batter, and evenly wrap a layer of paste. At this point, heat the pan to 40% heat, put in the wrapped spring fish, slowly fry with medium and small fire until the surface begins to turn yellow.

  4. Remove the fried yellow spring fish, then heat the oil pan to 70% heat with a large fire. When the smoke rises on the surface, quickly add the previously fried fish and re-explode once. The time is no more than ten. In seconds, you can see that the spring fish is golden when it is golden. Immediately before consumption, you can absorb excess oil from the surface, sprinkle with salt and pepper, or eat with tomato sauce.


Re-fried can make the fish body more crisp. After the second time, the oil temperature rises, which can force out the excess oil absorbed before, the taste is not greasy, and it is relatively healthy. It’s also a good choice for fried fish with salt and pepper, tomato sauce, salad dressing, or with other vegetables and crepes.

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