Recipe: Fried sour pork with sour beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sour pork with sour beans



  1. The sour beans are washed and cut into small pieces, and the spicy radish is dried and diced. All the ingredients are cut into pieces, and the green onions or garlic and garlic are separated. Ground meat with ginger juice and a little cooking wine

  2. Attention - the key step a

  3. Do not put oil in the pot, stir fry the peas and radish diced in a hot pot for 2-3 minutes, bake the sourness of the water vapor and fermentation, and turn off the fire when the flavor is very rich.

  4. Key step b

  5. Put a little oil in the pot, pour the ground meat, don't stir the meat immediately, but don't move it. Slightly fry the side of the meat, let the side become a bit more ripe and then turn over, and the other side is fried and then scattered.

  6. Stir the minced meat, set aside, pour the soy sauce on the other side of the pan, stir well, stir the minced meat and soy sauce, color the minced meat, and finally spray rice wine or cooking wine, and serve with the gravy.

  7. Pour a little oil into the bottom of the pan and saute all the spices (except green and green garlic)

  8. Pour the sour beans and radish and stir well

  9. Then pour in the minced meat and continue to stir fry. This step can also add a little sugar. I think there is no sweetness in my radish.

  10. After the gravy is almost closed, turn off the fire, sprinkle with two tablespoons of soaked chili juice, add chopped green onion or garlic green and stir well.


1, this dish Chen Delie's winning magic weapon is pickled three treasures - bubble bell pepper, sour beans and spicy radish, I did not soak the bell pepper, it was replaced with green soaked wild pepper; 2, focus on the secret weapon of De Lie - spicy radish, adding this will make the taste of this dish more rich, the original is a crunchy taste with sour beans to eat it seems to be playing table tennis. Therefore, it is very important to choose dried radish, which is spicy enough to be crispy; 3, the first step of the German Dewey only need to sauté the sour beans, do not need to stir-fried radish, but I bought a radish dried in a fixed store, I feel that the radish of the house is not dry enough, so I will lick together. Stir 4, the method of simmering loose and beautiful minced meat is not to flip after the meat is stuffed, otherwise it will stick to the shovel, it is not easy to stir up, and when it can be turned over, there is a lot of smoke on the edge of the meat stuffing. You can turn it over; 5, this dish can be served with noodles or rice, but Chen Delie gave him a noodle-like pasta, the judges are also full of praise for this match, you can also try. 6, the original practice is not onions but garlic, I did not buy garlic seedlings instead of small onions.

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