Recipe: Fried sour pork with sour beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sour pork with sour beans


From the time I learned to make sour beans, the sour bean minced meat is the summer table dish. It is very worry-free to make sour beans in the summer. On the same day, you can use it on the third day at room temperature. It is fresh and reassuring. And the power to make sour beans is always because the fried minced meat is too much! In our home it is an invincible dish haha. After doing it many times, I fixed the best method for my own taste, and recorded the last recipe.



  1. Lean meat minced / minced, released soy sauce old sesame oil

  2. Ginger and garlic

  3. Sit hot oil, ginger, garlic, pepper, dried pepper, sauté, add minced meat, stir fry, add sour bean stir fry

  4. After the sour beans are fried in the steam, put the salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, seasoning, sesame oil out of the pan


1, with lard more fragrant 2, lean meat with pig plum meat, followed by fore leg meat or pork belly 3, if sour bean sour taste, with dried pepper and spicy, if sour taste, with oyster sauce and spicy 4, bacon Add some sesame oil at the end to prevent the loss of water at the end of the meat. It is softer when fried. If the plum meat used is very soft, it is not soft. When frying, easy to stick to the paste, if the sour beans are too sour, put a little sugar balance

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