Recipe: Fried small yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried small yellow croaker



  1. Small yellow croaker removes internal organs, washes and controls dry water

  2. Put the processed small yellow croaker into the pot, add the peppercorns, cooking wine, white pepper, MSG, salt and mix well.

  3. Then mix the noodles and egg whites, the ratio of noodles and egg whites is 1:2, stir again, and marinate in the freezer for half an hour.

  4. Take out after the taste, put the oil in the pot, do not need too much, you can fry in two portions, each time 2, 3 fish. The oil must be hot, and to what extent is it hot? After taking the green smoke, count 1, 2, 3, 4 to 5! The sidewalker puts the small yellow croaker that is hanged in the oil pan.

  5. Know why the oil is hot? When the fish is in the pot, the skin will quickly form a layer of crispy shell. At this time, don't rush to turn over, pick up the pot and gently shake it to see if the crispy shell of the outer layer of the small yellow croaker is formed.

  6. If the fish body can easily get out of the bottom of the pot, then use the spatula to turn over.

  7. Similarly, on the other side of the fried yellow, the movement is faster and softer.

  8. Because the small yellow croaker has a small head and a tender meat, it only needs to be fried once, and the purpose is to lock the moisture in the fish and preserve the original flavor of the fish.


1, the general dry fried pay attention to fried two times, once fried, remove, raise the oil temperature, re-cooked in the pot again, the second time to fry in order to make the material more brittle. 2, and the small yellow croaker is not very big, the meat is very fresh, why should you be guilty of two crimes? I think it only needs to be fried once. 3, it turns out that the small yellow croaker that only fried the epidermis has a crisp appearance, and the meat inside is tender and tender! 4, the crisp skin locks the moisture in the fish, better preserves the original flavor of the fish. 5, the fish is best to fry one by one, do not simmer in a pot, if the pot is awkward, the oil temperature will immediately decrease, the egg paste on the surface of the fish will stick to each other because it can not be formed quickly, and there is a blur.

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