Recipe: Fried small yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried small yellow croaker


Fried small yellow croaker, also called small yellow croaker Crisp, very delicious! The bones are also eaten together, and calcium is added~~



  1. Cleaning: use scissors to cut open the area close to the fish head

  2. Squeeze the fish head and smash the fish head together with the internal organs.

  3. Then use the scissors to open the fish abdomen, remove the residual internal organs and the black membrane in the fish belly, rinse it off under running water.

  4. Pickled: squeeze a little lemon juice into the cleaned yellow croaker

  5. Add the appropriate amount of steamed fish oil, salt, and mix and marinate for more than half an hour.

  6. After marinating, pour off the excess juice and add a large spoonful of flour.

  7. Wrap small yellow croakers on dry ones for use

  8. Deep-fried: the oil is hot and put into small yellow croaker.

  9. Let the inside be cooked, and both sides will be fried until it is slightly yellow.

  10. Blow the first yellow croaker

  11. Wash the pot clean, add a little oil, and slowly fry until the yellow fish is dark yellow on both sides.


My approach is to fry the small yellow croaker twice, the skin is crispy and the meat is fragrant. I ate it with my bones and I didn’t feel a bit fangs. Change the oil when you blow the second time Because the flour will fall into the oil when it is fried for the first time, if it is fried for the second time, the outer skin of the small yellow croaker will have a burnt smell.

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