Recipe: Fried small sea shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried small sea shrimp


On the warm spring morning, I prefer to go to the morning market, walk slowly, watch slowly, see what is fresh, and see what I want to buy. Walking along, suddenly a bunch of lively small sea shrimp appeared in my sight, the stall owner said that this is the seafood from Dandong Donggang. It’s not far from the road, no wonder it’s so fresh, it’s all alive! This thing, fresh and delicious, is much stronger than eating melon seeds, only 6 yuan a pound, buy half a catty to make a small snack, calcium and delicious, but also strong kidney!



  1. Small sea prawn chopped shrimp head and shrimp pliers, rinsed and drained

  2. Put the right amount of cooking wine, sprinkle with the right amount of salt and mix evenly

  3. Add a proper amount of raw flour and mix well, so that each small shrimp is covered with a thin layer of raw powder.

  4. Put the oil in the pot and burn it to 60% heat, and then pour the small shrimp into the crispy


1. There are black things in the head of the shrimp. I don't think it is clean, so I got rid of it, so the shrimp line was also pulled out. 2. The shrimp pliers are hard, afraid of tying the mouth, so they are also removed. 3. Don't put more salt, it's a bit salty, so it's good to eat snacks. 4. Small sea prawn is wrapped in raw flour, which becomes crispy when fried. No raw flour can be replaced by starch or flour. 5. Small sea prawn fried leeks is also a very good small dish, very suitable for this season, if you are interested, you can try it.

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