Recipe: Fried sirloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sirloin


It is a simple snack, because I don't like sesame oil. My box of burdock can't be Jinping calf. Just fry it, the fragrance is still the same, but the taste of the wood is removed, crisp and crisp.



  1. Burdock peeled shredded

  2. Soak in salt water to prevent blackening

  3. Leach, simmer dry (must dry), sprinkle two or three spoonfuls of cornstarch and mix well

  4. The oil pan is hot, and you should not put too much burdock each time. After it is put in, it will be broken up and fried until golden or light yellow.

  5. Sauce salt or tomato sauce


The shred can be as thick as the Jinping burdock. If you like the special crispy taste, you can slice it and then fry the starch directly.

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