Recipe: Fried sirloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sirloin


Burdock is rich in nutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals such as inulin, cellulose, protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The content of carotene is 150 times higher than that of carrots. The content of protein and calcium is rhizome. The first of the classes. Burdock root contains inulin and volatile oil, burdock acid, various polyphenols and aldehydes, and is rich in cellulose and amino acids. Burdock root contains various amino acids necessary for human body, and the content is high, especially the amino acid content with special pharmacological effects is high. For example, aspartic acid with brain function accounts for 25%-28% of total amino acids, and arginine accounts for 18%. %-20%. So I have seen good calves and I will basically buy them back. I have always liked the fried burdock in the Japanese restaurant. I bought a very fresh calf today and thought about copying once.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh burdock washed and peeled.

    Fresh burdock washed and peeled.

  2. Wipe the filament with a grater

  3. Heat the oil into the pot and heat it. Add the sirloin and simmer until it is golden.

  4. Sprinkle with fine salt and sprinkle with cooked black sesame seeds and mix well.

  5. Enjoy the delicious!


For health reasons, the calf should not be too old.

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