Recipe: Fried shrimps with fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shrimps with fungus


Maybe it started to cool down in the past few days. I began to miss the boiled small squid and went shopping in the nearby market. I didn't buy fresh tubules. Instead, I met the prawns that had just come ashore, went home to soak the fungus, washed a few small cabbages, and fried a plate of delicious fungus. Here you can buy freshly prepared sea shrimp:



  1. Wash the shrimp, cut off the shrimps; wash the green fungus

  2. Put the oil in the pot, boil the fire, praw the shrimp down the pot, stir fry a few times, and turn the shrimp shell into red.

  3. Clean the pot, put another oil, add the chopped garlic, add the soaked fungus and stir fry

  4. When the fungus is cooked in 7 minutes, add the vegetables and shrimp to stir fry, add the salt, chicken, and then serve the pan.


1. The shrimps go to the sand line and can be cut open on the back with scissors. 2, fungus can be prematurely foamed, soaked for a long time 3, fried fungus is easy to splash oil, to do a good job, you can also add a small amount of water, a little boring for a while 4, green vegetables can crush the stalks, more flavor

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