Recipe: Fried Shrimps

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Shrimps



  1. Shrimp washed, open the back to remove the line, cut the whiskers and shrimp legs

  2. Heat the pan, add the oil, add ginger and shallots, fry until the ginger slices turn golden brown, the onion segments turn brown, then remove

  3. Turn the small fire, put the shrimps one by one, arrange them in order, fry them to the shrimps and change their faces.

  4. After turning over, cook the white wine, heat it and add ginger, sugar, soy sauce, salt, tomato sauce and a spoonful of water. Roll evenly and cover the lid for 3 minutes to let the shrimp ripen.

  5. Open the lid, simmer the juice and then pour a little oil into it, you can load it.


Put more ginger in order to remove the astringency of the shrimp and reduce the coldness of the shrimp itself. Ketchup is to adjust the color, if you think it is red enough, then you don't have to add ~ sugar, don't forget! A finishing touch

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