Recipe: Fried Shrimps

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Shrimps



  1. Wash the shrimp, use the scissors to open the shrimp back, and take out the shrimp SHI

  2. The key step is to pry the head of the shrimp along the side of the head shell.

  3. Heat the pan with medium and small fire and pour a little bit of cooking oil - depending on the amount of shrimp, such as the one above, about two spoons (to eat spoon, not a spoon, not a spoon) oil, slip pot

  4. Put the shrimp head into the pot first, and gently slap the head of the shrimp with the stir-fry guy until the yellow-yellow shrimp brain is photographed, and shoot until the oil and the shrimp head in the pot are orange-orange-orange, and Spilling shrimp and shrimp

  5. Pour the whole body of the shrimp into the stir fry, try to make each shrimp lie flat in the pot, cover it with a little cover, and see the color change, the fire will be minimized, and the shrimp head will be fished out to the top. Pile up a pile, and then fish a shrimp in a circle. Put the onion and ginger on it.

  6. At this time, there is still shrimp oil in the pot, the fire is big, stir fry the remaining oil, if you feel too little, then pour a little bit of cooking oil, screaming, immediately turn off the fire, turn the circle and pour the ginger onion On, good incense!


1. Stir-fried shrimp pot can bring shrimp miso for several days (a good way to save money during the economic crisis!) 2. I don't like to put salt in it. It turns out that there is no need to put any spices at all, and the taste is enough. 3, if there is a cabbage in the house, may wish to tear the cabbage into large pieces, padded in the bottom of the casserole or soup pot, a few pieces of tofu on the top, put the fried shrimp head in the middle, add a few ginger, plus half of the water, Cover it and work together! The advantage is that you want to cook for a long time (of course, in the normal judgment of a normal cook), do not need to stir up, do not stick to the pot, wait until there is a thick smell of shrimp to turn off the fire. You can put a little salt, or put a little bit of soy sauce or thin salt soy sauce on the tofu after you get it in the bowl. Okay, open it! The total cost: 35-40 shrimps, all of which cost no more than 20 yuan.

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