Recipe: Fried shrimp with green pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shrimp with green pepper


When my mother did it in the New Year, I tried it a few times and it was super easy. Wood has found the same recipe, just open one.



  1. Base shrimp washing treatment (no head and tail, sometimes no time to go to the shrimp line) drain water

  2. Green pepper shreds, the oil pan first speaks green pepper slightly fried, first pot

  3. Then start the pot, the oil is hot, add the shrimp stir fry, add the water after the shrimp is discolored, add the soy sauce

  4. After the shrimp is cooked, add green pepper, garlic, salt, cover the lid and taste it.


It is not so good to treat shrimps such as shrimp. This method is simple for me. As long as the shrimp is fresh and the salt is appropriate, the taste is very fresh and can be done by novices.

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