Recipe: Fried shrimp cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shrimp cake


The daughter loves to eat shrimp, and she is afraid of the appearance of the pimp shrimp.



  1. Phi Phi Shrimp cooked, shelled, chopped into meat

  2. Put the eggs in the prawn, a little salt, cooking wine, sesame oil, ginger powder, black pepper powder a little bit

  3. Mix step 2 well

  4. Put cornmeal, a little starch

  5. Mix well again

  6. Fire, put a proper amount of olive oil on the bottom of the pot, and pour the mixed paste into the mold.

  7. Simmer until cooked, serve, and add some ketchup depending on the taste.


Because this is something at home, I have to do it. In fact, I should put some corn kernels in it, carrots and other vegetables. It will be more nutritious when eaten. You can also use flour. Put some soda or something. Eat it, but unfortunately there was no family at the time, hehe

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