Recipe: Fried shrimp balls with olives

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shrimp balls with olives


I have eaten once in a restaurant and then I am in my mind~ I will never forget. The day before yesterday, I cleaned up the refrigerator and found shrimps. I must pick it up immediately! ! The olive dish is super good, and the shrimp ball is also perfect. In a word, you won't regret it! ! !



  1. Fresh shrimp is the best, I want to clean the frozen shrimp used in the refrigerator inventory. Wash and use a knife to draw a sand line behind the back.

  2. Marinate the shrimp with starch, white pepper, and cooking wine.

  3. Ginger chopped, hot pot with cold oil and saute.

  4. Stir in the shrimps, add a little color and add the olives.

  5. Shrimp completely discolored is cooked and can be pulled out of the yard!


The olive dish itself has saltiness so you don't have to put salt again~ You can put a little bit of green beans and corn kernels to create visual impact ><

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