Recipe: Fried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shrimp


Make a dish or eat as a snack, even the shell is fried crispy and crispy, eat it together to make calcium~



  1. Wash the river prawn, cut off the beard (slack and not cut it, blow it and shake it, you will break it yourself)

  2. Pour the rice wine and all the powder except the starch and marinate the shrimp for a while.

  3. After draining the water, you can use the kitchen paper towel to further absorb the surface moisture, so as to reduce the splashing action after the frying action.

  4. Take a small amount of starch on the surface of the river prawn, fry in a small fire, and fry until the shrimp is discolored.


1. It is recommended to use a small and deep pot to fry, save fuel and prevent splashing. 2. When frying, throw one of the shrimps separately to prevent condensation.

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