Recipe: Fried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shrimp


The fried shrimp recipes in the kitchen did not indicate the oil temperature, and forced to find the mother. After the experiment, I feel that it is feasible to do good things and help me to entangle the oil temperature with me.



  1. Hot oil, the amount of oil is better. When the bamboo chopsticks bubble in the oil, turn a small fire.

  2. First throw a piece of shrimp to test the bombing, it will expand in about 5 seconds. Use chopsticks to flip, so that the shrimp pieces can be evenly heated, about 10 seconds, subject to full expansion, and fish out.

  3. If the shrimp slice in step 2 is not burnt, the oil temperature is suitable.

  4. Open the bomb, throw a piece of seven or eight at a time, and expand it just one pot, so that each piece of shrimp is evenly heated. Be patient, fry in one pot.

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