Recipe: Fried shovel

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shovel



  1. First, put the minced meat into salt and spiced powder and mix well.

  2. Add eggs to flour and add water to make a paste

  3. 藕 Cut into a sheet of about one centimeter and then soak it in water for half an hour (so that the impurities in the pupil will be removed and the enamel will become whiter)

  4. After soaking, cut the bracts in the middle (do not cut)

  5. Open the clam and pour the minced meat into it.

  6. Put the simmered simmer into the egg batter and wrap it in the pan. Add the right amount of oil (not too much) to the frying pan.


There is not much added seasoning during the production, which maintains the taste of lotus root. It can be more delicious when eaten with salad dressing, and has the feeling of western food.

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