Recipe: Fried shovel

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried shovel



  1. Stuffed with onion ginger, salt, sugar, cooking wine, chicken essence, soy sauce, pepper and a little salad oil, stir evenly, add a little water and stir it clockwise.

  2. The lotus roots are cut off and cut into thin slices. The small pot is boiled in water and placed in a simmered water. It can be removed in 20 seconds. Remove and put in cold water for storage. This will keep the squeaky crispness.

  3. Beat an egg, add a proper amount of water, mix well, add a little salt, then add the sieved flour and baking powder to a paste, not too thick

  4. Use a kitchen paper to dry the sputum, take a mass of meat and place it on a bun, and take one on top to make the meat spread over the bracts.

  5. Rub the egg paste on both sides, fry in the hot oil pan and fry on both sides.

  6. The fried clams can be eaten directly, or you can eat your favorite sauce such as ketchup or sweet and sour sauce.

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