Recipe: Fried sesame oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sesame oil


Artemisia argyi has a special taste and cannot be described by words. It is estimated that people who like it like it, people who don't like it will "keep away from it", this is the individual difference. This dish of Artemisia argyi is very easygoing, and it is not harmful to the bacon and pork. It is very harmonious with the fragrant dried, even the fried sage or garlic and basil is delicious. Regarding the problem of the first place of the scented scented scented scented scented scented stalks, I think that the sage is not easy to taste.



  1. Wash the cuttlewort and set aside. Four pieces of fragrant dried shredded. Scallions are a little spare.

  2. Pour the oil, put the diced green onion, the oil temperature does not have to be too high, pour the artemisia, stir fry, pour the oil.

  3. Add the fragrant dried silk, continue to stir fry, and pan.


Buy tender artemisia, do not need to fry for too long. The saltiness of the oil can be used without dropping salt.

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