Recipe: Fried sea shrimp with seafood sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sea shrimp with seafood sauce


Very tasty and nutritious.



  1. Remove the fresh sea prawn and cut it with a knife on the back of the shrimp. Do not cut it.

  2. The prepared shrimps are marinated for more than half an hour with cooking wine.

  3. Cut the lotus root into a bract, slice it with boiling water and spread it on the edge of the plate.

  4. Wash the colored peppers and cut them well. The marinated shrimp body is filtered to remove the wine for use.

  5. Heat the pan and oil, first put the peppers and stir-fry, then put the shrimps and stir-fry. When the shrimp body is cracked and rolled up and begins to turn red, add appropriate amount of seafood soy sauce and continue to stir fry.

  6. After the shrimp has completely turned red, put it in the middle of the bracts.


1. I usually use fresh sea prawn to make this dish. I have never used frozen shrimp. I have never used nine shrimps. I don't know if the taste is the same. Sea shrimp must have a certain size (adult finger thick), otherwise it will be too troublesome to handle, and there is no chewing on it. 2, I like to use Lee Kum Kee's seafood soy sauce, with a little bit of sweetness, stir-fry it will be a little bit of burnt taste, it can bring out the flavor of the shrimp. 3, put the color pepper just to increase the color of this dish, this time the red and yellow peppers are cheap, I like to use to embellish color.

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