Recipe: Fried sea bream cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sea bream cake


Traditional food for the holiday season ~ fried sea bream cake! ! ! !



  1. Use peas and rice to grind the cake powder. See below for tips.

  2. Mix the cake powder with an appropriate amount of water and let stand for half an hour. When the batter is adjusted, it is not a drop by drop.

  3. The ratio of dough, cabbage, sea bream, sea bream, seaweed, and lean pork is about 2:2:1:1:1:1. Can be adjusted according to personal tastes.

  4. The cabbage is chopped for use. If you like, you can add a small amount of chopped green onion~

  5. Dig out the sea bream meat, rinse, add a small amount of MSG seasoning.

  6. Dig out the jellyfish, remove the silk from it, and rinse it for use.

  7. Add a small amount of water to the seaweed and let it soften.

  8. The lean pork is washed and cut into small strips. Add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, salt and MSG. You can put a small amount of pepper according to the taste.

  9. Put the oil under the pot and let the heat stay hot. More oil, have not had sea bream cake.

  10. Use a special size chopped spoon (long handle, spoon face round, relatively flat). Spoon the oil in a large spoon and stick to the anti-stick. Take a small batter with a small spoon, pour into the center of the large spoon, and use a spoon to press a paste to make it a round bottom.

  11. In turn, a small package of cabbage, two to three sea breams, a sea bream, two small pieces of meat, a small bowl of seaweed, and then covered with a small cabbage, slightly gathered by hand.

  12. Then use a small spoon to take the batter, you can take a little more and pour down from the center of the depression. If you don't cover the batter or the cover is not thick enough, take some and pour it down. You can use the point to fill the batter locally, but you should not use the bottom of the spoon to wipe it, which is prone to too thin and burst.

  13. After you have covered the batter, you can stick two peanuts. The spoon is facing up and the oil pan is fried until golden brown.

  14. With the spoon facing down, tap the pot with the handle and let the cake out of the spoon. If you can't get off, just wait patiently and try again, don't be stubborn. When knocking, the spoon surface should be close to the side of the pot, so that the detached cake slides down the wall of the pot, otherwise it will splash oil.

  15. When the color of the jellyfish cake becomes dark brown, you can remove the oil and put it on.


A pound of cake powder can probably make 20 cakes. When the weather is cold, the ratio of soybeans to rice is about four to two pounds. When it is hot, it is two to two pounds. When the weather is cold, the soybeans must be sprayed at least for one night. If it's hot, it's almost like a bubble.

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