Recipe: Fried scallop

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried scallop


Scallops are more classic than steamed pork or fried with soymeal. Today, I share the practice of fragrant scallops. The appearance is golden and crisp, and the inside is fresh and delicious. Super delicious!



  1. Scallops are shelled to take the meat. After washing, the scallops are marinated with cooking wine, protein and a small amount of salt, onions and ginger for about 20 minutes. The marinated scallops will effluent and must be drained.

  2. Grab the scallops with a small amount of starch and wrap the scallops with a layer of bread.

  3. Prepare a small pot and put in the oil. Put the scallops one by one into the oil pan and fry them. When the scallops are floated from the bottom of the pot, they are taken out.

  4. Then all the scallops can be re-freshed once to get out of the pan.


When you eat, you can pick ketchup or salt and pepper according to your preference. When frying, the oil temperature must be controlled well. If the oil temperature is too high, it will be unfamiliar in the outer coke. There is also a need to pay attention to safety. The scallop water should be drained, and the outer layer should be wrapped with bread crumbs. Splashing. Don't try if your skills are off.

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