Recipe: Fried scallions with sour beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried scallions with sour beans


Going to the market to buy food, inadvertently smelling the familiar taste, the original is the smell of homemade sour beans, the owner especially stressed: "This is my own pickled sour beans." The tone is full of pride!



  1. The sour beans are washed and cut into small pieces of one centimeter long. The duck plaque is washed and cut into small pieces, and the red pepper is cut off for use.

  2. Heat the wok, do not put the oil first, pour the sour beans into the pan and fry the water to spare.

  3. Heat the wok, add the right amount of oil, put the pepper and garlic to the scent, the duck scallions are transferred to the salt and stir-fry, pour the sour beans and stir fry evenly, cook a small amount of cooking wine, cover and cook for a while, then you can Out of the pot.


First, the duck gills have some astringency, and the wine can be added. Second, the sour beans have a salty taste. If it is too salty, soak it in water for a while and remove excess salt.

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