Recipe: Fried scallions

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried scallions


Artemisia serrata fried bacon is really delicious dishes. It can only be eaten in winter. Today is a supplement!



  1. Wash the bacon with water and cut into thin slices.

  2. Although Artemisia scoparia is delicious, it is also very troublesome to handle. Remove the old leaves and leave only the roots and young leaves. Therefore, the loss of Artemisia scoparia is still relatively large.

  3. Wash the wormwood and drain the water for later use.

  4. Pour hot oil into the pot, first put the bacon into the oil pan and fry, then add the dried chili + ginger + garlic to fry, and finally add the sage for 2 minutes, add soy sauce + vinegar + chicken essence.

  5. Go out to eat.


The Honghu River is very tender due to water and soil, and its taste is better than other places; it tastes crisp and delicious.

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