Recipe: Fried sautéed pork with basil

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sautéed pork with basil


Two kinds of vegetables that Nanjing people love to eat: chrysanthemum brain and artemisia. Rarely seen in other provinces. The chrysanthemum brain tastes cold, and I don’t like it to feel that it has the taste of wind and oil. Chrysanthemum and egg soup, the best soup in Nanjing for summer, get it in 3 minutes, and never eat it. Artemisia argyi, the taste is quite strange, I am not particularly love, but rare to buy in the market, I am still very happy to try. Stir-fried or served with shredded pork. It seems that I have not seen any collocation methods other than this one.



  1. The leaves of Artemisia argyi are harvested and folded into segments. This thing, I don't really like to cut with a knife. Maybe it’s because when I’m young, I’m looking at my mother’s section.

  2. Dried shredded

  3. Shredded pork, wrapped in a little bit of life. Stir-fry. Use a shredded pork with fat to slowly fry a little lard. Anyway, no one now loves pork. It is better to use oil. Slightly golden can be

  4. Let the scent dry and stir for half a minute to 1 minute.

  5. Put the artemisia. I feel that the color is slightly changed, but it is not soft. Basically, it is still necessary to keep the color green. Out of the pot

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