Recipe: Fried sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sauce



  1. Prepare pork belly and two sauces

  2. Pork belly peeled, cut small Ding

  3. Mix the two sauces, add some water and mix well

  4. Put a small amount of oil in the pot, when the heat is 50%, put the diced meat slowly and stir-fry until the fat is oily. When it is slightly browned, cook the cooking wine and put it out in spare. The excess oil is left in the pot.

  5. You can add more oil, stir-fry the ginger, add the mixed sauce, stir fry, add chopped green onion, continue to stir fry until the sauce and oil are completely blended.

  6. Put the previously fried diced meat, stir fry until the diced meat is evenly wrapped in the sauce, add hot water, almost can not be diced, add a little vinegar and a small amount of sugar, slowly cook over low heat, The process of cooking should also be tempered constantly to prevent the bottom of the paste until the sauce becomes thick. This process lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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