Recipe: Fried sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried sauce


That's awkward, combined with some of my mom's experience plus some of my own innovations, it should be okay, this has yet to be improved, the next pass is better.



  1. Put lard in the iron pan and add the minced meat when the 7 and 8 are ripe.

  2. Change to a small fire, stir fry to prevent sticking

  3. After the minced meat is cooked, pick it up and set aside.

  4. Pour the wok into the vegetable oil, put it in the star anise after no air bubbles, saute

  5. Put the watercress again and stir it quickly with medium and small fire.

  6. After frying the scent, pour the minced meat and stir well over medium heat.

  7. After the color of the minced meat is red, change it to a small fire and slowly let it scent.

  8. Finally, add some water to the iron pan and stir well.

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