Recipe: Fried salmon

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried salmon


The quality of the salmon is very close, the oil is rich, smooth and tender, and it is simple to fry. It has both cooked flavor and sashimi taste. It is very beautiful.



  1. The salmon is dried with kitchen paper, sprinkled with Shanghai salt and black pepper granules, and squeezed with a few drops of lemon juice for 10 minutes;

  2. Prepare the side dish and the dipping sauce and serve the plate. The side dish can be bitter, lettuce, asparagus, small tomato, etc.; the dipping sauce can also be prepared according to your own taste;

  3. Put a small piece of butter in the frying pan and fry the salmon skin for 1 minute. Then fry the sides to golden, squeeze the lemon juice and serve with the sauce.


Salmon is indeed the highest nutritional value of raw food. If cooking time is too long, it will not only make the rich polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidize at high temperature, but even the vitamins in it will be seriously damaged; therefore, only need to do three or five maturity, If the fried salmon is set up, there is an agate-colored transparent belt in the middle, which preserves the freshness of the fish and eliminates the astringency.

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