Recipe: Fried rice with Taro in Li Riverside

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice with Taro in Li Riverside


Since eating Minnan salted rice, my family's fried rice likes to change with different ingredients. Zhapu Shantou fried rice is often found in our homes, and it is also a meal that my family can't eat.



  1. Prepare half a bowl of 荔浦芋, a bowl of white rice, 2 sausages, 2 to 3 slices of tofu, a celery, a proper amount of soy sauce, (salt and chicken as you like), old wine

  2. Cut all the materials into small pieces or small pieces.

  3. Put lard in the pot (pork is more fragrant, other oils can also be), put more oil than usual cooking, oil temperature 60-70 degrees, put the 芋 芋 和 和 and sausage stir-fry until the break.

  4. Put white rice and taro, stir fry with sausage

  5. Let go of the pumping, put the old wine, mix well, then put some salt and chicken essence mixed, and finally put the celery into the pan and bring out the pot.

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