Recipe: Fried rice sugar boiled water

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice sugar boiled water


[Fried rice sugar boiled water, belongs to the memory of old Chongqing] On a cold winter night, a warm and convenient nightingale can comfort people's hearts. The taste of rice candy is so sweet and soft, it is a childhood memory, if you can cook it at this time. A sweet water poached egg or something, it is perfect. This is the legendary "fried rice sugar boiled water". In the film and television related to the theme of Chongqing, there is often such a picture: on the narrow stone ladder of the mountain city of Chongqing, an old man shoulders a burden, one side is a charcoal stove and a kettle, and one side is a wooden barrel, which is placed inside. With rice candy, thick porcelain bowls, soup spoons, etc., use the authentic Chongqing dialect to sip in the streets and lanes: "Fried rice sugar boiled water - fried rice sugar boiled water -", then a group of children jump around the old man...



  1. The rice candy is opened and cut off in the bowl.

  2. Pour boiling water into the bowl and soak it like instant noodles ==

  3. 舀 a small spoon of lard, incense ~

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