Recipe: Fried rice noodles in Southern Fujian

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice noodles in Southern Fujian


There is a saying in Weinan that "fried rice noodles, please customers" When the festival is over, or when a relative visits, the main family will fire a plate of "rice fry" to pay attention to the attention of visitors. Rice noodles have a light rice scent that can be boiled and fried. Rice noodles are yellowish in color, slightly scented in rice, and can be stored simply. After cooking, the rice noodles are soft and tough, smooth and refreshing, sweet and sweet. The farmer is really made in pure rice. If the soup is cooked in water, the color of the soup is the color of the rice soup. Minnan rice noodles can be bought here:



  1. Rice noodles with cold water slightly over a cold water, pick up the spare

  2. Chinese cabbage is cut into strips with a width of about half a centimeter.rBroccoli is cut into small flowers and simmered in hot water.

  3. Put the oil in the pot, add boiled cabbage after roasting, put a proper amount of salt, chicken essence, stir fry until five mature, and serve up

  4. Another pot, put the right amount of oil, put the cabbage into the stir fry, use the small bowl to eat, hold a bowl of half water, join

  5. After the water is opened, put in the rice flour that has been soaked in cold water, twist it with chopsticks, cover the lid and smother it for a while.

  6. After the water is almost absorbed by the rice flour, add the fried Chinese cabbage, salt, chicken essence, fuel consumption, chopped green onion oil, stir fry evenly, then you can plate


1. The rice flour has a little cold water to prevent it from breaking when frying. 2, water to open, when you put rice noodles, use chopsticks to break up to prevent rice noodles from condensing together 3. It is advisable to add water to the rice powder slightly. 4, you can add chopped green onion or parsley, celery, etc. 5, the production of chopped green oil: add oil in the pot, add scallion, fry with a small fire until golden brown. It is used to pour on rice noodles, or it is added when cooking soup. It tastes very fragrant.

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