Recipe: Fried rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried rice noodles


It can be seen everywhere in Guangzhou. When you come here, you can only find your own ingredients.



  1. The side dish is cut in advance, the rice flour is boiled for three minutes, the cold water is used, and the dish is drained when the side dish is fried.

  2. Pot hot amplification onion shrimp rice dried mushrooms fried saute can be fried more, into an egg, this step to be more fried, look at the egg from the bubble This is the key to the egg fragrance ~ to be more fried for a while! The scrambled with the bubble is almost the same, the pork is stir-fried, and the soy sauce is colored. (There can be placed on the onion, fried and softened, and the rice is not put in the house today.) Put the rice noodles, and pour about 100 ml of warm water into a plate of rice flour.

  3. Use chopsticks to pull the clams, first pour the old soaking color, slowly put the soy sauce when frying, chicken fine MSG a little bit of white sugar, the water in the pot must let the rice noodles slowly absorb the rice noodles to eat it will be fragrant (in the whole process) The fire is too small.) Before you put out the pot, put the shallots, carrots, cabbage, and cucumbers, and mix well. (There is also good garlic and garlic.)


The side dishes can be adjusted by themselves, depending on personal preference or home ingredients such as bean sprouts, celery, seafood, etc.

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